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About Me

Hi, I’m Man Phuah

Since 2012, I ranked hundreds of digital products’ transactional keywords in the United States marketplace and generated over $1 million in sales combined.

In 2018, I pivoted to become SEO consultant in Malaysia

I’ve helped law firm get 3x of their client calls over the years.

SEO Consultant for law firms_Man Phuah

5 Reasons Why Law Firms Need SEO Consultants in KL

1. Cost-Effective Marketing

✅ SEO offers a more cost-effective solution compared to Google PPC advertising in Malaysia.

✅ Get a better return on investment (ROI) from the targeted audience pool on rank #1 keywords

cost effective budget on marketing
Google 3-pack traffic report

2. Boost Local Visibility

✅ 99% of law firms didn’t stand out to their nearby potential clients.

✅ In this era, you don’t exist online, you don’t exist in the market.

✅ Be 1st to be seen, when your potential clients need your legal advice at the right time.

3. Attract Qualified Leads

✅ Easily get the right clients’ inquiries 24/7 for years once you rank on page 1 of Google.

✅ On average, 76% of potential clients will visit their law offices within 24 hours once contacted.

Consumer local insights trend
Google search divorce lawyer kuala lumpur

4. Meet the Search Intent

✅ When someone searches for a “divorce law firm KL”, I know exactly what they want. They need divorce legal advice from a lawyer.

✅ Intent allows you to create an information page to meet the searchers’ queries that are relevant to their pain points.

✅ This is an “Attract” strategy to pull clients to seek legal advice without being needy for cases.

5. Compounding Interest

✅ Did you find that your competitors already investing in SEO? If you didn’t, you are putting money on the table.

✅ SEO is like investing: early and continuous effort pays off.

✅ The longer you wait, the wider the gaps get between you and your competitors. Start today!

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Our Law Firm SEO Services Malaysia

📍 Local SEO Service

Dominate KL’s market. Our Local SEO strategy puts your law firm front and center, driving cases and building your client base.

🇲🇾 Malaysia SEO Service

Expand your law firm’s visibility across Malaysia. Our National SEO campaigns elevate your law firm to top Google rankings, nationwide.

🧑🏻‍💻 Keyword Research Service

Go in-depth research. Find the right keywords to match clients’ search intent and lead them straight to your law office.

📝 SEO Content Service

Topic research and create content strategy engages, informs, and convinces clients you’re the top choice for legal needs.

🔎 SEO Audit Service

Chart your SEO success. Our audits provide a clear path to top rankings with detailed strategies and actionable insights.

⛓️‍💥 Link Building Service

Increase your online authority. Secure relevant backlinks that boost your site’s trust and credibility in the Google knowledge graph.

🎯 1-1 SEO Consulting

Tailored SEO for law firm service, KL. Enhance your strategy and overcome challenges with personalized SEO consulting.

🧑🏻‍🏫 SEO Law Firms Training

Empower your team with SEO mastery. Our training covers all bases, making your legal staff manage your law firm’s SEO.

Many SEO Agencies KL, Why Us?

Get Results that Matter

Why let your website collect dust when it could be collecting clients, cases, or calls?

You care about a firm’s business, and so do we.

That’s why we zero in on the SEO strategy that leads clients to your law firm.

Simply put, we deliver real, lasting results. No fluff

Local SEO Live Coaching by Man Phuah

Work with 12 Years of SEO Expert KL. Not Interns.

Tired of SEO agencies that hand you off to interns/account managers after signing? We get it.

With us, you work directly with Man Phuah, a seasoned SEO expert with 12 years of experience.

No middlemen, no fluff. Hands-on managing.

Real expertise, real growth.

Custom Winning Strategy

Every law firm is unique, it requires a customized SEO strategy.

It’s like how you provide professional service to your clients.

Therefore, Man Phuah will audit your situation, and craft a plan that works.

Transparent, Not SEO Secret

Search engine optimization is no secret. The one who succeeds is always the one who is willing consistently to do the right work.

Whoever claims so, must be doing something shady behind digital marketing and SEO services.

We share fruitful insights, actions, and results with you on reporting. That way, you never wonder what we’re doing.

Crafting Legacies

We get the struggle of too few clients and the weight of responsibilities—to your team and family.

That’s where we step in.

Focused SEO by Man Phuah isn’t just about growth; it’s about building your lasting legacy.

We’re all in, 100%.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does SEO Cost for Law Firms, KL?

We always received questions about the SEO services’ prices from our prospects in the communication process.

The analogy is like this:

“One day, you’re sick. You’re searching clinic to seek a doctor to cure your sickness.

When the time you step into the doctor’s room you straight away ask the doctor what is the price to cure your sickness without the diagnosis and solution advice.”

Do you think the process is already wrong?

To clarify the SEO service cost, it’s important to reframe this question.

Search engine optimization service is NOT a cost. It’s an investment which similar to the compounding interest system.

You can think of your investment ROI: You put RM100 in; you get RM200 out.

When you choose the wrong SEO freelance or agency to work on your campaign, it will be turned into a liability.

Especially if the digital marketing agency uses some shady tactics behind it. You may see the keyword rank on top for a week and then drop or worst case, disappear in search engines.

To recover that, you have to take a longer time and a higher investment.

So, how much investment is necessary to get the desired SEO result?

There are 3 aspects we need to consider:

  1. The market size in your industry and niche.
  2. Based on the SEO specialist’s experience. I mean, the one who hands the execution plan for your campaign.
  3. Competition: More competitive, more budget.

For example: ranking for “Divorce lawyer in KL” is much more competitive than trying to rank for “Nasi lemak 1 Utama”

Take a look at this study from Ahrefs:

SEO monthly retainer fees from Ahrefs

The average monthly retainer for those in SEO business for 5-10 years is USD$3648.28 which is MYR 16,782.08.

You’ll need to invest more when working with the specialist. Sure, the SEO-fresh guys in Kuala Lumpur sometimes might get good at what they do.

But do you want to risk it?

Choosing someone with lots of experience is safer. Why? Because they’ve been through it all!

Here’s why it’s worth it:

Picking someone who just talks louder than their action can mess things up.

Fixing bad SEO later can cost a lot more money than hiring a good one at the beginning and in the long run.

Should You Work With a Big Digital Marketing Agency?

There are many “big” internet marketing agencies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Yet, few specialize in SEO for law firms. Why?

These agencies aim to scale quickly by offering a wide range of services to various clients.

In striving to be a jack of all trades, they often miss diving deep into any one sector.

That’s where we stand out.

Our focus is sharp: SEO for lawyers and law firms.

We aim to be the top 1% in this niche, ensuring law firms like yours gain organic exposure without bending Malaysian Bar Council rules.

This focus allows us to understand your business model intimately and deliver unparalleled results in attracting more clients and cases.

Yes, this means we limit ourselves to not serving other industries.

But we believe mastering one area is crucial.

This dedication might slow our top-line growth, but the payoff? Significantly better SEO outcomes for lawyers in KL.

Man Phuah is here to make a real difference.